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Why we recommend and sell American Standard air conditioning

We get asked all the time, "who makes the best air conditioner?" Over the years, we have serviced, sold, and installed all of the major brands. We have seen which equipment ages well, has the longest component and compressor life spans, and is easy to maintain.

Every manufacturer has now integrated foreign parts into their units. Quality has been sacrificed to cut costs. What used to last 20 to 30 years now only goes 10 to 15 years.

The brand we recommend and sell is American Standard. Why? It gives us the least number of call-backs because it has the most American made parts in it. And that's the key. The more American parts, the better it is.

When you are in business, you want happy and satisfied customers. American Standard allows us to do just that.

American Standard is made in Tyler, Texas. U.S. workers make the condenser and evaporator coils, compressors and other components. The factory is state of the art and the result of millions of dollars in investment and research. That commitment means they intend to stay in Texas.

Beginning in 2020, all American Standard heating and cooling equipment will no longer need to be registered to qualify for the 10 year extended parts warranty. You will have a 10 year parts warranty, without registering on line. They are the first and only ones doing that in the industry. It speaks volumes to us as a contractor as to how they feel about their equipment and how good it is.

We also like American Standard because of the availability of parts in Houston. There are 5 stocked warehouses which means equipment and parts are readily accessible.

Put your trust in American Standard and Ethan Clark and you will have made a good decision.